Take Action

Action is needed when our public investments are putting the quality of life of our neighbors at risk. One of our main roles as an organization is to be that voice, the advocates, for our neighborhoods. Here are some ways we act as an advocate for livable neighborhoods throughout the Memphis region: 

  • Tracking public infrastructure investments (i.e., what our government spends money on like roads, utilities, economic development and neighborhood amenities). 
  • Increasing public input in decisions about how we spend our collective money. 
  • Commenting on public plans.
  • Hosting public input sessions so community members can have a deeper and more meaningful conversation about what investments they want to see in their neighborhoods.
  • Sharing opportunities for community members to speak up on issues that may concern them. 
  • Recognizing the important moments to write a letter to an elected official or make a statement at city council and activating people to do so.
  • Providing technical support and training to grow a network of educated and effective advocates. 

 Join us in making Memphis more livable.


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